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Ashton Village Apartments Opens Care Closet

Ashton Village, a Fairway Management family community located in Pevely, Missouri, recently celebrated the grand opening of the Care Closet. This new program was created to help residents who may find themselves struggling to afford food, hygiene products or cleaning supplies. Residents can visit the closet to pick up basic necessities completely free of charge at any time of day, making these products much more accessible. As you can see, the closet is fully stocked with anything and everything the residents might need!

In January of 2022, Ashton Village conducted a survey to determine what items the residents wanted to see in the Care Closet. This survey was of particular importance because non-food products are unavailable through food stamp programs and are scarcely found in food pantries. Based on the results, residents were especially in need of cleaning supplies, toilet paper and paper towels, so Ashton Village made it a point to include these items in the closet.

After outreach to the surrounding community in Pevely, Missouri, the Care Closet received many donations from Gracelife Chapel Church, Save-A-Lot and various individual donors. Without their generous gifts and efforts, this project would not be the resounding success that it is today. Since its launch on May 16, the closet has already helped several families meet their basic needs.

We are so proud of Ashton Village for taking initiative to help residents, and we cannot wait to see how the Care Closet will continue to serve the community in the future!

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