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Steve Mason

Steve Mason has over 35 years of construction experience. As a Land Development Manager, Steve oversees land development construction processes which includes organizing and monitoring various phases to maintain efficient operations. Steve also assists Affordable Equity Partners during the initial stages of the development process.

In 1993, Steve founded a site contracting company, Coastal Site Prep. As the Owner and Operator of the company, Steve oversaw the construction of retail and residential sites in the Rincon, Georgia area. Steve spent three years as a Project Manager and Supervisor with Theron Rahn Construction and two years as a Surveyor and NPDES Inspector working closely with state agencies to ensure project compliance of NPDES regulations. Prior to joining Fairway Construction, Steve supervised multiple grade and pipe crews in the Augusta, Georgia area with Vertical Earth.

Steve as served as the County Commissioner of Effingham County, Georgia from 2011 to 2015. He is certified in both Georgia and South Carolina as an Erosion Control Inspector by GSWCC and DHEC.

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