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John Basco

As Director of Field Operations, John Basco leads and oversees Fairway Construction’s superintendents and project engineers. John joined Fairway Construction in 2017 as a general superintendent and was promoted to his current role in 2019.

Prior to joining the Fairway Construction team, John gained over 22 years of construction management experience. He worked for eight years as a superintendent for Morrow Construction Company, completing five properties consisting of 178 to 320 units each and renovating six fire and water damaged apartment homes. Before joining Morrow Construction Company, John worked as a construction manager for the State of Florida Department of Corrections, managing the completion of a 60,000 square foot inmate housing facility.

John has worked in all levels of construction, from being a laborer to a superintendent and construction manager, and is GSWCC level 1A certified. He attended the University of Georgia for Business Management and received his Home Inspectors Certification from Thompson University.

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